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How Rich is B. J. Novak?

Wealth Stats and More

What’s B. J. Novak's net worth? How wealthy is he? Below are all stats like net worth, salary, profession, and more!

B. J. Novak Wealth Info
Net Worth$10 Million
Date of BirthJuly 31, 1979 (age 44 years)
Height5 Feet 8 Inches (1.74 m)
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Television Director, Television producer, Voice Actor, Writer

Net Worth of B. J. Novak

BJ Novak Net Worth: BJ Novak is an American actor, stand-up comedian, screenwriter, and director who has a net worth of $10 million. Novak is probably best known for playing the role of Ryan Howard on the monumentally popular TV series “The Office.” He was also a writer/producer on the show. Outside of this career-defining role, Novak has also appeared in a number of additional film and television products. These include “Saving Mr. Banks” and “The Founder.” In addition, he gained a degree of notoriety for appearing in the Quentin Tarantino World War II film “Inglorious Basterds,” playing the role of PFC Smithson.


Career: After leaving Harvard, BJ immediately relocated to Los Angeles and started performing as a stand-up comedian. He appeared in clubs across the area, and his first performance was at a youth hostel in Hollywood. Two years after starting his career as a comedian, Novak was considered one of the industry’s most promising young talents.

B. J. Novak Quotes

How is it that B. J. Novak has a net worth of $10 Million? These quotes by the actor may indicate the character traits that led to his financial situation:

The most exciting thing I aspire to do is to write something new that I know is going to work, or perform something that I know is going to make people laugh.

B. J. NovakB. J. Novak Wealth

I feel like there's a voice in my head, always, telling me every idea is brilliant, and another telling me every idea is the worst. And they argue in my head until somebody wins, until I solicit an audience to be, like, 'Will you help me figure this out? Is this the best or the worst idea?' And they tell me!

B. J. NovakB. J. Novak Wealth

There's not many good comedies to watch - you know, comedies that make you glad you watched them.

B. J. NovakB. J. Novak Wealth

My goal is not to make popular things. My goal is to make the things I love as popular as I can make them.

B. J. NovakB. J. Novak Wealth

I wanted to be a writer first, and I struck out in the world to be a writer first, and then found stand-up as a more creative outlet, as a 3D way to be creative.

B. J. NovakB. J. Novak Wealth

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